A Complete Guide For Legal Weddings In Spain

Are you just got engaged and now planning for a Spanish Wedding?

Wedding in Spain

However, before you finalize the date and venue for Wedding In Spain, there are some essential facts you need to know, to pull off your wedding ceremony in Spain effortlessly. This article addresses all the basics about Spanish wedding, including the legal requirements, marriage options, documentation, and other things that you need to make your marriage a memorable and hassle-free affair.

Types Of Wedding Approved By Spanish Government

In Spain, both religious weddings and civil ceremonies are legally approved for couples, willing to tie the knot in the region. Also, same-sex marriage is legal in Spain. Since 2005, same-sex marriage has been legalized in the country. For civil ceremonies, you have to submit an application directly at the Spanish Civil Registry or at the district court where you want to exchange the vows.

However, for civil marriage, at least one of the marrying couple is mandatory to be a permanent Spanish citizen or have a two-year residency permit. For religious Weddings In Spain; Catholic, Islamic, Jewish, and Protestant are legally recognized. And the couple needs to have a certificate to marry before applying for religious marriage in Spain. Other rules for religious weddings are the same as for civil one.

Legal Requirements To Meet

For Wedding In Spain, the mandatory legal requirements are:

  • Both parties should be over 18 years to get married.
  • Any of you both must have permanent Spanish residency or at least two-year residency certificate for marriage.
  • Valid passports & Visa for both parties
  • Original birth certificates of both parties
  • License To Marry proof
  • Cost Of A Spanish Wedding

For a destination wedding in Spain with 40-50 guests – depending on the formalities & venue; your package deal may starts from €8,500. To know more about pricing and get best quotes; log-on to http://www.weddingsinspain.eu!

Hiring Spain’s Best Wedding Planner – 3 Tips To Remember

Congrats on your engagement!

Now, you must be planning for a grand traditional wedding or an intimate destination marriage ceremony in a foreign location like Spain?

Well, Spain is no doubt one of the world’s best countries to get hitched. Stunning locations, friendly locals, exciting rituals, less paperwork, and cool climate make Spain a great choice for a destination wedding. And in this path of creating beautiful and most memorable Spanish wedding celebrations and setting a benchmark; hiring Spain’s Best Wedding Planner can help!

spain's best wedding planner

An experienced and skilled wedding planner can help you turn your fantasy wedding into a reality; easily, quickly, and affordably. After all, who does want to get troubled or worried about his/her big day? Hiring a wedding planner will low down all the wedding-related burdens from your shoulder and let you enjoy your special day at a beautiful and exotic Spanish wedding venue without any problems and hassles.

Tips To Hire A Wedding Planner

When you’re planning to hire a wedding planner for your Spanish marriage, keep these simple steps in mind to stay on track:

  • Homework Is Essential! Browse prospective wedding planners’ websites and check the photos and videos of recent weddings in Spain they’ve arranged to get a better idea. Notice the essential elements like theme, décor, colors, lighting, and seating arrangements accurately.
  • Follow-Up With Shortlisted Planners! Note down your favorite planners and go for a personal consultation with your partner to explore more. Check types of wedding planning services the company offered, availability of a wedding date, and also the price range.
  • Check With References! Don’t get pressurized to hire a wedding planner as soon as you meet them. Take enough time to compare and to call their references for asking about the planner’s service, facilities, and creativity.

Most Popular Places To Get Married In Spain

Is your wedding ceremony on the horizon?

Start planning for your dream destination wedding in Spain with our brief guide about the Spanish marriage and Spanish locations!

Lately, more and more couples across the world are finding overseas wedding to be more exciting and cost-effective and opting to get married in a foreign country. With peaceful and calm climate (pretty much guaranteed), exciting arrangements, stunning venues, and a chance for to enjoy a quick gateway from the traditional marriage humdrum; it’s to say why!

Well, there are several sensational and exotic Places To Get Married In Spain, which is also a primary reason why more and more couples are finding Spanish wedding to be more interesting. Most of the modern couples with planning for a close destination wedding are opting Spain as their favorite location. And the reasons are pretty clear.

Spain is filled with a number of quintessentially marriage venues, rustic locations, cathedrals, resorts, beach-side places – all with elegant, charming, and luxurious touch and vibes. Plus, Spanish wedding is also an easy way to keep your marriage expenses down. The average wedding cost in Spain is much lesser compared to European weddings or even traditional Indian marriage ceremonies.

Popular Wedding Destinations In Spain

Although the Costa Blanca – the Mediterranean coastline of the Alicante province is the most prevalent Spanish region to get hitched; there are of course a lot other to explore. Costa Calida, Costa Almeria, Mojacar, Costa Tropical, Costa Del Sol, Nerja, Gibraltar, Tarifa, Costa De La Luz, Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, Tenerife, Gran Canaria, Fuerteventura, and La Gomera are some other favorite Places To Get Married In Spain!

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3 Breathtaking Places To Get Married In Spain

Oh, you’re just got engaged? Congratulations! Now you must be planning to get hitched soon? So, are you planning to walk down the aisle with sea, sand, and sun? Or you’re looking for an exotic venue to exchange vows in an intimate affair?

From the incredible sceneries next to the oceans to the spectacular sun-drenched beaches, from the old-standing yet romantic churches to seashores with colorful sunrise and sunset vistas; Spain is home to various exotic and breathtakingly beautiful locations for a wedding!

places to get married in Spain

places to get married in Spain

If you are looking for the best Places To Get Married In Spain; then don’t get confused! Decide on your dream foreign wedding destination with our top ten options to tie the knot in Spain.

Unclouded, Beachside Weddings:

If you’re a diehard beach fan and want to kick-start your married life next to a lengthy ocean, with a stretched beach; then Spain is just the right place to hop into! There are various locations in Spain for a sunny, beachside wedding ceremony. You can opt for beach clubs with indoor and outdoor seating arrangements for your special day.

Luxury, Countryside Wedding:

For couples with a lavishing wedding ceremony is mind must go for a luxurious, countryside marriage ceremony at the favorite rustic chic locations in Spain. You can opt to get hitched in a rural area or a pretty rose garden, with an exotic view! Or you can choose an ancient ecclesiastical for old-school charismas and nostalgia!

Incredible Mountain Wedding:

Looking for a Spanish destination wedding idea? Well, how about getting hitched on the top of a mountain, while enjoying the scenic town from the peak of the foothill? The location where the mountain rushes to bump into the ocean and the excellent views of the alp and the sea soothe your soul will be undoubtedly the best place to get knotted.

Checklist To Hire Spain’s Best Wedding Planner

From the traditional Spanish villages with the cobblestoned streets to the white-washed cottages, from the luxury yacht to the spectacular coastlines and sandy beaches; Spain has much more for the soon-to-be-wedded couples! The warm Spanish hospitality, the exotic locations, a full menu of delicious foods, awesome climate, and the long list of refreshing wines altogether can make your wedding day truly memorable day.

However, for this, you need to hire Spain’s Best Wedding Planner who will not only décor your wedding venue, arrange food, lodging, and transportation but also will handle the legal requisites and paperwork for your Spanish wedding. But with so many options out there, how will you find the best one from the herd? Don’t worry! We have some tips for you!

Depending on your requirements and budget; you may contact:

  • A full-service Spanish wedding planner who will handle and arrange every single detail of your marriage ceremony
  • Or someone to assist you only with selecting the best Spanish venue and vendor for wedding
  • Or a day coordinator who will coordinate all your wedding arrangements

Your Area Of Concerns For Hiring Wedding Planner

Before interviewing any potential wedding planners in Spain, you and your fiancé should have a clear idea of what you’re looking for, including:

  • Your budget
  • Your guest list
  • Your preferred wedding date
  • Your dream decor
  • Your plans for your wedding

Spanish Wedding Planner Checklist

spain's best wedding planner

  • Go by the wedding planner’s experience
  • Check skills and past works
  • Discuss your wedding visions openly
  • Know what wedding themes he/she has for Spanish locations
  • Talk over the tariff openly
  • Ask for packaged deals

If you’re looking for Spain’s Best Wedding Planner; look no further than Costa Blanca Events! For more details; visit us at URL: http://www.weddingsinspain.eu!

Quick Guide For Easy Arrangement Of Weddings In Spain

Are you looking to infuse sophistication, culture, and some exoticness into your wedding ceremony?

Do you want your special day to be more special, memorable, and glamorous?

Wedding in Spain

If so, you should start scouting every potential Spanish locations and destination! The best thing is there are an endless number of options to choose for Wedding In Spain! From luxury hotels nestled on the winding mountains, overlooking the picturesque oceans to the straight-up castles that will give old-school charms, from the countryside destinations to the beach venues; Spain is home to hundreds of exotic and breathtaking wedding destinations.

Special Planning For Spanish Wedding

Unless you are a permanent Spanish resident; Weddings In Spain could be a bit daunting for you. However, with proper planning, you can pull the best event of your life off effortlessly. For making your day unique and more memorable; always opt for the creative and exclusive type of custom-made wedding planning ideas! Don’t fall for wedding packages that force you to shoe-horn into the existing services! Try to get something unique and something more exclusive!

Hindrances You May Face During Spanish Wedding Planning

Unless you have hired a local wedding planner, possibilities are there that you may face some limitations including:

  • Language barriers
  • Venue search & finalization
  • Understanding & following the laws of the Spanish marriage
  • Arranging transportation & lodging for your guests

There can be a lot more challenges to face when organizing your Wedding In Spain; if you do not belong to the locality. So, it’s always a better idea to hire a professional and local wedding planner, with a vast knowledge of wedding planning and broad idea about the best wedding venues in Spain, laws, and regulations for marriage in Spain, legal documentation, lodging, and so on!

To get more idea about Weddings In Spain; visit http://www.weddingsinspain.eu!

Legal Requisites For Hassle-Free Weddings Spain

If you and your partner are looking for cherishing and glamorous overseas wedding destination –blessed with a soothing climate, long and striking coastline, rich artistic heritage, and a full-plate menu of delectable cuisines; then Weddings Spain is the best idea to go with! Romantic, Enthralling, Exotic, Colorful, & Lively – a wedding ceremony in Spain always offers couples an extraordinary palette to create and enjoy a perfect, dreamlike marriage abroad.

However, apart from t

weddings spain

hese happy-go-lucky features; Spanish wedding, especially for the foreigners also involve some legal criteria and paperwork which a couple needs to clear before getting married here. Either you or your partner or both must be a legal resident of Spain at least two years before the marriage date! You can visit the Civil Registry Office and check the criteria, as it may differ in different Spanish regions.

You and your partner are also mandatory to sit an interview where you’ll be asked different questions by the bureaucrats just to make sure that you’re a genuine marriage applicant. You need to have two witnesses for Spain Wedding and clear the legal paperwork with the help of a Spanish solicitor; unless you know Spanish. You also can hire a locally experienced wedding planner for handling all such matters.

For religious marriages like Protestant, Roman Catholic, Muslim, and Jewish weddings; the guidelines and rules remain the same as the civil union. Religious marriages are legally recognized under Spanish law, but to acquire official marriage certificate from the Spanish bearcats, your marriage must then be itemized with the local Spanish civil authorities before you finalize venue, décor, and other things, clear all these legal aspects for a hassle-free Spain Wedding.

To know more about Spanish weddings or hire a professional wedding planner for your upcoming marriage ceremony is Spain; visit us at http://www.weddingsinspain.eu!

7 Exotic Places To Get Married In Spain

Do you want to start your wedding ceremony with the sun shining on your face and a sensational background, creating a picture-perfect wedding vibe behind you?

Well, in Spain the possibilities to find the best wedding locations and venues are endless. Right from the extended beaches to peaceful oceans, from thick greenery of sky-touching palm trees to the wooded surroundings, from the historic churches to sparkling beach wedding venues; you are assured to find the place of your dreams in Spain!

As the wedding is your Big-Day, it is crucial for you to find the perfect venue to exchange vows and start a relationship for a lifetime. Here, we have tried adding some quintessential Spanish wedding location wedding locations to our extensive venues portfolio, and if you are looking for Places To Get Married In Spain; then this guide will help you!

places to get married in Spain

Best Spanish Wedding Venues

Simplicity Sunset Venue, Cala Conta: Say ‘I Do’ in an intimate ceremony and an exotic background of Simplicity Sunset Venue, Cala Conta!

Ibiza Beach Wedding, Spain: Go for an intimate and quintessential beach wedding at the stylish beach venue of Ibiza!

Sa Flama Chiringuito, Ibiza: Located in the bay of San Antonio, this small yet stunning Chiringuito beach venue is perfect for a glamorous beach wedding.

Amura Restaurant, Spain: Nestled next to the waters-edge in Puerto Calero, this colonial-style restaurant offers the best wedding location in Spain.

Bahia Beach Club: Get married in a glamorous beach-side location, abutting the exclusive area of Palm Mar.

Old Convent (Los Claustros): Nestled in Ayllon, next to Segovia, this old convent or popularly known as Los Claustros is a historical and authentic building to exchange vows.

Barcelona: If you want to experience a spectacular and inexpensive wedding in Spain, then Barcelona has some best locations for you.

Practical Tips To Hire Spain’s Best Wedding Planner

Rocky hills, exotic beaches, thick jungle, stunning wooded surroundings, and the quintessential churches, Spain is a heave for couples looking for best locations to get married. From iconic historical landmarks to gorgeous coastlines and beaches, from hidden gardens to serene jungle settings; Spain is the paradise of some quirkiest, coolest, and chicest wedding venues.

But in order to make your Spanish wedding more comfortable, hassle-free, and enjoyable, you surely need to hire a wedding planner. On your wedding day, you will either be the wedding planner or the bride – it’s really-really tough to be both. Professional recommendation: – save yourself the hassles, confusions, and troubles and hire Spain’s Best Wedding Planner.

spains best wedding planner

Hiring Wedding Planner – Tips To Remember

  • Be sure about your budget, your requirements, and dreams regarding the wedding setting
  • Surf the internet and shortlist some best wedding planners in the city
  • Check the planners’ experience, expertise, and past works for a clear perspective
  • Go by the reviews, remarks, and comments posted by others on the planners’ website
  • Ask for a recommendation from family, close friends, & colleagues
  • Discuss your needs and budget constraints with the wedding planner openly
  • Ask if they provide customized decoration and designing for weddings
  • Consider tariffs of different wedding planners and analyze which one is giving the best values for money
  • Go for packaged deals! Ask the planner for personalized wedding packages for Spain to save dollars
  • Wedding photography to catering, decoration, and sitting arrangement, your planner must be offering everything under one package
  • Know which Spanish venues the planner has the authorization to arrange marriages!

In a nutshell, hiring Spain’s Best Wedding Planner is quite complicated and confusing. But if you consider these points thoroughly, it may become pretty more comfortable for you. To get a free quote on a Spanish wedding from the best wedding planner of Spain, visit our website!

Nitty-Gritty Of Weddings In Spain You Should Know

A Spanish wedding is something that most of the modern couples dream for! Spain, with lots of romantic, exotic, and fantastic wedding venues and locations has become the most favourite wedding destination for every son-to-be-married couple. However, due to lots of rules and regulations, sometimes the idea of a Spanish wedding becomes messy and confusing.

A Spanish Wedding – Where To Start?

weddings in spain

Organizing Weddings In Spain can be confusing, time-taking, and overwhelming. As there are lots of essentialities and legal paperwork to take care of, couples need to start preparing at least three months before their wedding date. Finding a suitable Spanish venue, an experienced wedding planner, hiring a good photographer, and selecting themes and decorations for your wedding setting are some aspects which you need to take most care of.

Legal Issues Related To Spanish Wedding

Wedding In Spain is not an easy task. It involves a lot of paperwork and legal authorizations. In Spain, there are a couple of directives and regulations which every couple needs to fulfil in order to tie the knot. Either one of the couple needs has a permanent Spanish nationality or has been a resident of Spain for at least two years. To avoid these complications, you can get married in your home country and then have the marriage ceremony in Spain.

Location Selection Is Vital!

Spain is home to several exotic and quintessential wedding locations and venues and thus choosing the right one could be a bit overwhelming for you. Here, you can go to the Beach wedding, forest wedding, and church wedding. There are lots of classic cathedrals, stunning beaches, and thick jungle with birds cheeping and sunlight getting through the trees. Make sure to do some proper research in the initial stage to find that perfect wedding location and avoid last moment disappointment.